Can Drinking This at Night Help You Lose Weight?

by Lisa Breitenwischer

May 19, 2017

Can Drinking This at Night Help You Lose Weight?

We all know the c; we even posted an article a while back outlining how great ACV can be for the body. I didn’t think it mattered what time of day to take ACV, whether in the morning or the afternoon, that you would receive the same wonderful benefits regardless. That was until I started reading further about how taking this little drink before bed could work even more wonders.

After stumbling upon an article by Dr. Mercola, I learned there have been more studies revealing the positive impacts on blood sugar levels when taking ACV before bed. He states:

“A study at Arizona State University tested 11 volunteers with type-2 diabetes (diagnosed by a doctor), who were not taking insulin, but continued taking their prescription medications. Each participant took 2 tablespoons of ACV with a snack before bed…and in the morning, the study subjects had lower blood sugar readings than when they had the same snack with 2 tablespoons of water…”

In addition,

“Another recent study showed that three groups – adults with pre-diabetes, type-2 diabetes & healthy people – after taking an ounce of AVC, all had lower blood glucose (BG) levels when they ate a high-carb meal compared with a placebo…also, the pre-diabetes group improved their BG levels by almost half, and the subjects with type-2 diabetes cut their BG levels by 25%.”

Not only can this drink positively impact blood glucose levels, but also help lower body weight due to one of its active ingredients: acetic acid. This is because acetic acid can “turn on” genes that initiate enzymes’ ability to break down fat & help you feel full. This was shown through a study in Japan that performed a double-blind trail on obese adults,

“all with similar body weight, waist measurement & body mass index (BMI), & split the subjects into three groups. For 12 weeks…one group drank half an ounce of AVC, one group had a beverage with 1 ounce of ACV & the third group had a drink with no ACV. When the study was over, those who drank ACV had lower body weight & belly fat, smaller waist measurements & lower triglycerides compared to the others.”

While scientists note daily intake of vinegar might be useful in reducing obesity, further preventing metabolic syndrome, taking ACV at night can also do many more powerful things within the body:

  • Detox the lymphatic system & reduce oxidative damage by free radicals
  • Combat sore throat: ACV contains natural anti-bacterial properties
  • Sinus relief: certain vitamins & potassium help thin mucus in nasal cavities
  • Acid Reflux Relief: helps balance stomach pH by neutralizing stomach acid
  • Reduce Nighttime Leg Cramps: usually due to electrolyte imbalance by replenishing potassium levels, therefore, reducing cramping
  • Reduce Indigestion, Gas, or Stomach Cramps

*While the acidity of AVC can work wonders in the body, it can also damage tooth enamel! So, make sure to dilute it with a little water to prevent this “dental erosion”.

I’ve been taking ACV before bed (2 Tbsp with a little water) for a couple of weeks now and have found: my allergies are not as bad in the morning (not as stuffy, congested) compared to when not taking it, my quality of sleep has improved throughout the night, and if I have indulged in sweets that night, I don’t feel as “blah” or worn down the following morning.

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