Can Your Toothpaste Be Doing More Harm than Good?

We’ve been taught since we were little to brush our teeth in the morning and in the evening to maintain adequate oral hygiene. Research has shown that good oral hygiene has a strong connection to your overall health by helping to ward off serious medical problems. While we floss and brush to prevent plaque and […]

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DIY Antibacterial Mat Cleaner

How to Make Your Own Antibacterial Yoga Mat Cleaner Since the pandemic, we’ve had to make some changes at the studio and no longer provide mat cleaning spray for students to use after class. Instead of purchasing a mat cleaning product to sell in the studio, I felt this simple recipe was easy to make […]

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CooCoo for Coconut Oil

Lately, one of my current obsessions has been something so simple, yet useful in so many ways: coconut oil. Coconut oil has so many amazing benefits and such a wide range of usage, from cooking to health improvements. Below are a few of my favorite ways to utilize coconut oil in my daily routine: Oil […]

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Easy Home Remedies for Acne

Acne – an annoyance that can occur at any age, but can also be a reflection of our internal health. Being the largest and fastest-growing organ of the body, if you experience ongoing pimples, cystic acne, blackheads/whiteheads, it may be an indication of a poor diet, oxidative damage, and/or hormonal imbalances. While acne can vary […]

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Grab This, Not That

On certain days we may find ourselves craving a particular type of food, such as salt, sweets or fat, etc. While some might find this “normal”, it’s actually your body telling you it’s depleted in a specific vitamin or nutrient, therefore, creating a craving. Often times we don’t really understand the specific nutrient we are […]

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The Exotic Wonder Fruit: Papaya

Papaya- an exotic wonder fruit many have heard of, but have never really tried. After learning about all of its health benefits, it’s no surprise Christopher Columbus called papaya the “fruit of the angles.” What makes this deliciously sweet orange-colored flesh fruit so incredible is that it contains powerful digestive enzymes and is high in […]

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Taurine: Most Abundant Amino Acid You’ve Never Heard Of

Taurine is the most abundant amino acid you’ve never heard of. The Japanese have a life expectancy that is among the highest in the world. Undoubtedly, there are many factors that play into the life spans of the longest-living populations, but evidence shows that they all have one thing in common: a high dietary intake […]

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Orthorexia Nervosa

When Healthy Eating Becomes Unhealthy Obsession The term Orthorexia was coined by Steven Bratman, MD. in 1997. He started using it with patients that were overly obsessed with healthy eating. The word Orthorexia is derived from anorexia and “ortho” means straight or right. But unlike anorexia, which focuses on restricting food intake in order to […]

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Your Face: A Reflection of Your Health

As a Holistic Health Coach, I am a huge proponent of preventive medicine. A very practical approach to thwarting disease is learning the art of Facial Diagnosis. Facial Diagnosis is part of an ancient Oriental holistic system, where one can detect physical problems before they arise. According to this theory, only a few moments in […]

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Eat, Drink & BE Merry

There is nothing better in life than to eat, drink and be merry. In fact, the phrase “Eat, Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow we shall die” originates back in biblical times. You’ll find different interpretations, all suggesting we should enjoy life as much as possible because it will be over soon. Enjoying life as […]

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Why People Gain Weight After Dieting

Anyone who has tried to lose weight and keep it off knows how difficult the task can be. Why is this? Weight loss often leads to declines in our resting metabolic rate, or how many calories we burn at rest, which makes it hard to keep the weight off. Resting metabolic rate (RMR) refers to […]

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Entering Pitta Season…are You Feeling the Heat?

Ayurveda is the health system of ancient India and is considered the world’s oldest medicine dating back to 3000 years. It’s a prescription for healthy living tailored to the individuals’ constitution, unique characteristics, needs, age, and environment. Each of us has a unique proportion of the three doshas (body type or humor) in our prakritis […]

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