Reset after Overindulging

by Lisa Breitenwischer

November 28, 2022

Reset after Overindulging

If you’re feeling sluggish after an evening, weekend, or fortnight of eating and drinking to excess, don’t beat yourself up! Just balance it out with some extra self-care.

No matter how healthy we are in our daily lives, most of us tend to loosen the reigns a little bit around the holidays (including health coaches). This occasional overindulgence can make us happy, especially if we do it with loved ones. However, if you normally stick with a healthy diet, an excess of sugar and alcohol can be a shock to your body.

To reset, here is a plan that works for me and may work for you too:

Wake-up: Drink 6-8oz of warm water with lemon and optional 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. This is great for the digestive system and reduces bloat.

Mid morning: Celery Juice recipe. This will help flush out toxins and is an effective diuretic. it will also alkaline the body and make you feel good!

Move your body: You don’t need to over do it. A walk or bike ride in nature, gentle yoga class, even raking leaves will give you an endorphin boost.

Sweat it out: I find an infrared sauna helpful (followed by a cold shower). It helps further flush out toxins, improves circulation, and  helps me relax.

Cabbage Soup: I like to give my digestive system a break if I overindulge and eat soup for a day. This Cabbage Soup recipe is simple and soothing, and full of flavor. I eat it for lunch and dinner with a serving of crackers. Not into cabbage?  No problem. You can find other green vegetable soups on the website that are great cleansers, delicious and very satisfying.

Probiotic: A probiotic can help rebalance our gut bacteria. Probiotics can be from supplements or foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut. 

Water: Dehydration can cause low mood, poor energy levels. and sluggish digestive system. Drink water all through out your day!

Sleep: Getting a good nights sleep is very healing for the body. 7-8 hours.

You’ll feel great tomorrow if you are mindful of what you do for your body today.


Looking for support with your diet through the holidays? Send me an email to to set up your health consultation today.


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