What is Sound Meditation?

by Lisa Breitenwischer

April 22, 2019

What is Sound Meditation?

What is Sound Meditation?
The Most Accessible Form of Deep Meditation


Sound Meditation is the practice of deepening meditation with the use of sound and music.

For thousands of years, sound has been used in ancient cultures to ease anxiety and promote a sense of well-being. Many cultures, religions, and mystic traditions have celebrated the power of music to induce trance and meditative states and expand one’s consciousness.  Sufi mysticism, Kirtan or chanting, gospel singing— even the use of bells and harps at a cathedral. 

Sound Meditation focuses on the use of ancient Tibetan instruments, particularly gongs and singing bowls. It can also incorporate shamanic drums, hang drums, ocean drums, Koshi chimes, Tingshe chimes, harps, Native American Flutes, and more. 

This practice has also been known as “Sound Healing” or “Sound Baths”. The beautiful sounds bring balance and harmony to the body, promote positive energy, and is a powerful way to cultivate a sense of well-being. Sound Meditation is a very effective form of meditation, and as such, can help ease depression, anxiety, and addiction. It is an excellent way for beginners to experience a state of deep peace and calm in only 20 minutes. 

During a Gong or Sound Meditation, participants lie down in savasana (a relaxation pose), close their eyes, and focus on their breath as wave after wave of sound washes over them. With an hour of sound meditation, participants can come closer to a state of peacefulness than if they were to sit for a weekend of silence. 



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