Summertime: Pitta Season.

by Lisa Breitenwischer

July 07, 2024

Summertime: Pitta Season.

According to Ayurveda, India’s system of traditional medicine, each season has its own group of qualities and each quality has its antidote.

Summer season is associated with pitta qualities and when out of balance, pitta causes fiery, reactionary emotions such as frustration, anger, jealousy, and criticism.

Certain foods can add to the imbalance; spicy foods like chili and cayenne peppers, highly processed foods, fried foods, nicotine, caffeine and alcohol, except for the occasional beer or white wine.

Imbalanced pitta can affect organs and tissues throughout the body.

Some signs of imbalance are:

  • Rashes/inflammatory skin conditions (including acne).
  • Stomach aches/diarrhea.
  • Visual problems or burning in the eyes.
  • Excessive body heat.

So how do we balance this vital force?

  • Favor foods that taste sweet, bitter, and astringent. It’s these tastes that will pacify Pitta.
  • Fruits like melons, cherries, and grapes are cooling.
  • Vegetables like asparagus, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower & zucchini will pacify Pitta too.
  • Consume cool water (not cold) with lemons, limes, and mint.
  • Coconut water and oil are cooling foods.
  • Try a yin or restorative yoga class as both are great for cooling the system.
  • Go swimming! It will increase digestive strength.
  • Find shade where you can enjoy the fresh air and connect with the earth.

There’s a simple key principle in Ayurveda for balance: “Like increases like, while opposites will pacify an imbalance.”

Everyone has an important role to play in the lives of others, so make sure you take care of yourself first! If you are experiencing imbalances associated with the pitta season and would like one-on-one support, sign up for a Health Consultation with me today! Learn More Here

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