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7 Natural Ways to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

The number of adults & children suffering from pollen allergies is rising. For some it means a few sneezes & sniffles, and for others it can be a hugely debilitating time. Hay fever and allergies is an area in which diet and lifestyle can play a key role, as a preventative measure & to help […]

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Baking Soda: Remove Pesticides from Produce

A study conducted by the University of Massachusetts, found that a 15 minute soak in water and baking soda is the most effective way to remove pesticide residue on produce. This comes at a good time, as prices for organic fruit & vegetables have rose 13.1% over the past year. For households struggling with the […]

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Autumn Equinox: Seasonal Change Affects Our Health

The Autumn Equinox occurs on the 22nd of September, marking the change in seasons and the spiraling in of energy. If you experience symptoms like colds, flu, skin rashes, or digestive irregularities around this time, it may actually be a good thing. The Autumn Equinox marks a crossover point where our energy moves inwards, and […]

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