The Energetics of Food

by Lisa Breitenwischer

February 20, 2023

The Energetics of Food

Food is more than fuel for our body. It imparts a living wisdom that is beyond the science and mechanics of calories, grams, and nutrient values. Ancient peoples, through their relationships with the plants and animals providing their food, understood that their food conveyed the unique energetic qualities of its source, such as swiftness from wild deer and groundedness from root vegetables.

With the rise of agribusiness and industrial food production, people have become disconnected from the sources of their food and are no longer able to register the subtle rhythms, harmony, and energies that food can convey. This separation has thrown the basic human-food relationship out of balance–to the detriment of human consciousness.

Join Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, Lisa Breitenwischer for this fascinating look into the energetics of food and  how the foods you eat, can help or hinder your mood, character, and vitality. Q&A will be available at the end of presentation.

The Energetics of Food Workshop
When: Sunday,February 26, 2023
Where: Uruyoga and Beyond, 2400 Executive Dr., Pensacola Fl. 32504
Time: 1-2:30
Exchange: $25
Sign Up at under workshop/events or clink on link- Energetics of Food Workshop

Workshop available in-person or virtual thru Zoom. Zoom attendees will receive a link 30 min. before workshop to join. I am asking Zoom participants to mute there audio. There will be an opportunity for Q&A at end of workshop.

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