This Is Making Folks Miserable!

by Lisa Breitenwischer

March 16, 2022

Many folks in Dallas are fighting this illness that’s considered to be worse than a cold but less than the flu. It’s that mysterious thing that hangs on forever called “The Crud”. It’s making people miserable with mucus, sore throat, cough, and the congestion associated with it. I was one of those who thought they could dodge it, but it took hold of me like a python, wrapping around its prey.

I haven’t been sick in years, and as I fought my way through the runny nose, sore throat, and horrific cough, I wondered what was different about this season from years past to have come under its assault? Reflecting back on the months leading up to the assail, I realized there were major life-changing events occurring, (positive changes) that would forever change my life.

As the deadline approached for these life-changing events, I busied myself so I wouldn’t have to think about the new ways I would interact with life. I hid the fact that I was saddened, as deep down I felt like I was losing everything I knew. Suppressing emotions whether it’s sadness, anger, grief or frustration can and does affect your body and mind, leading to physical stress. Once my body went into stress mode it started releasing cortisol to help boost energy to deal with the transition and lower my resistance to infection which caused a delayed response, hence the Crud.

Once I became aware of the stress that I created for myself I decided to take care of my body as well as the emotional and mental issues that I was avoiding. This awareness allowed me to discuss my true feelings with my husband, which I believe helped me recover from the Crud, a little quicker.

Here are 8 things I did to recover from “The Crud”:

  1. I looked at all the congestion that was releasing from my body as the emotional congestion I had bottled up, which was now being expelled from my life. It made things bearable.
  2. Eliminated dairy.
  3. Increased Vit C to 3000mg a day, and continued w/Vit D. to protect against acute respiratory infections. I also took a probiotic daily to help the immune system.
  4. Drank lots of fluids: water, coconut water, green juice, broth-based soups, & peppermint tea.
  5. Took a teaspoon of raw organic honey for my cough and sore throat, and sugar-free throat lozenges in the day if needed.
  6. Did a Neti Bottle Nasal Rinse.
  7. Slept a lot.
  8. Sat in the Infrared Sauna. (which really helped my cough)

Please Note: If symptoms worsen, you may need to consult your Doctor.

Rejuvenate, heal and discover the real you inside your unique vessel. I take a bio-individual approach with each client, teaching and guiding them on the path to discovering what works and what doesn’t work for their body and their lifestyle. Whether you live in the Dallas area or not, contact me today to set up a Health Consultation and get back to BEing you!
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