You Can’t Change Yesterday, but You Can Change Today!

by Lisa Breitenwischer

January 17, 2022

Springtime is a very active and energetic time of transition, from the dormancy of winter to the promise of new life, rebirth, growth and change. We see it all around us in nature with green shoots sprouting out of the ground and new buds bursting forth on the trees. It’s a great time for all living things to become active, for clearing away the old and breaking obstacles of the past.

Use the springtime energy to help you transition to BE the change you want to see.

Here are 6 tips to help you with your process:

  1. Take responsibility for your life. Stop being comfortable with being uncomfortable. List all of your unfinished projects that drain your energy and keep you from living in the present and moving forward into the future. It might include clearing out the clutter in your home or office, piles of paper, incomplete degrees, poor eating habits, travel plans or unkept promises. How can you get these parts of your life cleared up?
  2. List all the activities that eat up your time. It may include watching TV, surfing the web, playing games on your phone or computer, or doing too many favors for other people. How can you reorganize your life so you can spend more time on what is important to you?
  3. Develop a personal mission statement. Write down what you want to be and/or do and then take a moment to visualize the completed goal and feel what it’s like to be living your dream. See every detail and let it process through the body. Then let it go.
  4. Nurture. Be kind to yourself by eating the right foods, resting and relaxing, and exercising on a regular basis. An exercise program will build strength, endurance and flexibility, 3 things we can also use in our daily lives.
  5. Rejuvenate your soul. Meditate, engage in daily prayer, practice breathing techniques, read uplifting books, or commune with nature to stay connected to your spirit.
  6. Energy follows thought. Create affirmations. Be sure they are personal, positive, present tense, and visual. Each day, visualize the actualization of the affirmations and you will find your behavior and circumstances changing for the better.


Change may be challenging at first, but just as a small seed pushes through the hardened soil to sprout into a beautiful flower, so can you!

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