Lisa Breitenwischer

Certified Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Teacher

Helping Individuals Get To The Root of the Cause, Creating Healthy, Happy Lives.


Drawing on her experience as a Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Energy Healer, Lisa’s mission is to educate people how to nourish their body, heal their gut, balance their hormones and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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About Lisa

Lisa Breitenwischer, Certified Holistic Health Coach

I’m very passionate about health, nutrition, and exercise but that wasn’t always the case. Growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s, I could have been the poster child for junk food and my gut and digestive tract (the epicenter for health) were being abused. At 19 years young my indigestion was so dreadful, I decided to eliminate all fried foods from my diet. It helped but unfortunately, I also had problems digesting dairy. At 30, a doctor suggested I remove all dairy from my diet and even though it was challenging, I was amazed at how much better I felt.
As the years went by, my diet wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t the healthiest, either. Fast forward to my mid 40’s and early 50’s and along comes the stages of natural menopause with fluctuating hormones and severe mood swings-that’s when everything in my life changed for the better!

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How it Began

Yoga & Health Coaching

I had a career in advertising for about 30 years, editing TV commercials. I loved the creativity and adrenaline rush from the fast pace and insane deadlines. To relieve stress from the day I would either drink a couple of glasses of wine or go for a run or take a hot yoga class. I really enjoyed the way I felt during and after the yoga classes. I found I got that same “runner’s high” I obtained on my long runs with less impact on my knees. After completing my first (and last) marathon in November 2005, I decided to run less and devote more energy to yoga, increasing my practice, to 4-5 times per week.

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What our clients say

I just had my annual physical.  I am completely off of all medication for diabetes and reading very healthy in all metrics.  

Thank you Lisa for your help in getting me to recognize what needed to happen to achieve these results 


Before I started working with  Lisa I wasn’t eating anything, taking daily medication for headaches, and 30 lbs overweight.  Through Lisa’s program I learned which foods work best for my body, and the change was amazing. I lost 27 lbs, no longer reach for daily rescue medication, and truly enjoy everything I eat! I totally recommend Lisa’s personalized nutritional program. Your gut will thank you, too!!

-Claudia F.

“I had a heart attack in October of 2017 which resulted in quadruple bypass surgery and luckily lived through it. I thought I was on the right track with the exercise but within three years I had more blockage which required a stent to be inserted into one of my major heart valves. I asked the cardiologist for help in keeping my heart clean (what will end this) and their answer was, to lower your LDL to 50 which required major food changes. I had been stealing food recipes from Lisa Breitenwischer’s BalancingEnergy Health and Yoga website and knew that Lisa was a Health Coach, so I called her for help. She had a nutrition program that was three months long. Lisa knows everyone is different and customizes her offerings for each person. She took me shopping, she explained to me what I needed to consume and how it would affect me nutritionally and how it would affect my clarity of mind and moods. She helped me remove 15 pounds of weight from my frame. But most of all, she taught me how to eat in the future so I can enjoy my life with stents in the past. I no longer have an appetite for bacon, sausage, cheesy Mexican foods, etc., and have no need for sugar. Comparing my lab results, before and after the three-month program with Lisa, my LDL Cholesterol value was at 51 from 63 and my good Cholesterol had gone from 46 to 55. This is an amazing chance for a person with a heart problem. Now that to me, is progress.”


“During my program, I lost 14 pounds, my skin has a healthy glow, I have more energy and strength, and I am no longer a stress-eater! BalancingEnergy helped change my focus from the end goal to the journey. Whenever I fell short of my own expectations, Lisa would always remind me of how far I’d come. I’m excited and my life is much more balanced.”

-Dena M.

“I am not overweight and I work out regularly, but I needed that extra boost in my life. That’s when I decided to contact Lisa for nutritional help. Before meeting with Lisa, I had no desire to cook, and I was scared of the grocery store. I ate out a lot and noticed I had issues with certain foods, but never did anything about it. Lisa has helped me find what foods to avoid and foods to eat to help me feel better overall. She provided me with a shopping tour of whole foods and many, many amazing recipes! I have found myself cooking multiple times a week and I’ve even lost a few pounds! Everything I have learned has been so helpful and now I will have that knowledge for the rest of my life.”


“Before I started working with Lisa, I suffered daily with digestive upset. I had already seen a Gastroenterologist who prescribed a medication with terrible side effects so I was looking for an alternative. With Lisa’s guidance, I learned to eat foods that work with my body, not against it. This journey has been most enlightening and the results have truly been life-changing. I am so grateful to Lisa for her knowledge and caring commitment to help me find a real solution. People comment that I look better. I know I feel better!”

-Deanna T.

“I came in with very general expectations of learning to eat healthier but was amazed to see what would soon be uncovered. I have gained a lot of knowledge from Lisa and her gentle guidance has encouraged me to start new healthy habits and curb bad ones. The whole process has helped me to get to know myself better and understand how diet, energy, emotions, stress, work, family, exercising, etc., are all tied together. Lisa provides useful information on all types of topics and encourages you to consider and try new things. Although I’m not all the way through the journey, I am astounded by the impact that it has had on my life. I feel better, I look better and I believe I have better tools to keep me in the balance going forth. I can’t imagine that anyone would not benefit from this experience!.”


“I have really enjoyed my time spent with Lisa. I’ve been a yoga devotee for 20 years but could not seem to get some nutritional issues under control. With new recipes and Lisa’s gentle encouragement, I have dropped my cholesterol by 80 points and have curbed my sugar cravings. I value Lisa’s knowledge and friendship and hope to have her in my life for years to come!”

-Cindy McMillin

“If you would have asked me to describe my eating habits before I enrolled in the program I would have said healthy, balanced, with some sugar cravings, and a lot of caffeine to try and keep up with my active lifestyle. Through the process I have never felt like I was on a diet and Lisa made it very clear, that was not the purpose of the program. Now that I have been working with Lisa, I am able to make informed choices about what foods are best suited for my body and lifestyle. BalancingEnergy has changed my life in ways that I never expected. I feel good all the time, my cravings have significantly decreased, and my energy has increased which has allowed me to be even more active than I was before! Thanks, Lisa for helping make my life richer and full of vibrancy!”


“Before working with Lisa at BalancingEnergy, I was so frustrated with “fad diets”. I felt fatigued and lethargic most of the time, especially after eating. I spent countless hours beating myself up about my eating habits and was often confused and overwhelmed with the endless amount of information regarding healthy eating. Now, I’m mostly at peace about my eating and have learned to listen to my body. I now know when and why my body is craving protein, sugar, or fat, and more importantly, I know the right choices to make when my body craves these foods. My favorite part of working with Lisa was her peaceful, gentle way of communicating; I never felt lectured or belittled for my choices. My entire family has benefitted from the recipes she continues to share. BalancingEnergy has created a lifelong change in my perception regarding diets vs. choices. Thanks to Lisa, I now have an open mind to healthy foods and balanced life!”

-Missy Desaloms

“First, let me say if you are thinking about enrolling in this fantastic program… Stop thinking and do it! Lisa is truly one of the kindest and most honest individuals I have ever encountered. Through her support & guidance, this program holds endless possibilities for you. It is completely customized to the individual’s needs and goals. Busy schedule; no problem, can’t cook; Lisa is a great coach, afraid of veggies; she will find some that you cannot only tolerate but that you will truly enjoy! I have felt a tremendous shift. I’ve learned that my food choices reflect in how I feel. What I put into my body is exactly what I get back in terms of mood, attitude, and energy. This program is invaluable. The knowledge you receive will be yours for the rest of your life. Namaste.”


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